Play Together. Stay Together.
Give your users the best social experience.
Gamer Cards
Optimize your invite / friending process
Live Streaming
Stream from mobile phones directly to Twitch
Public / Private Chats
Increase your in-app user engagement
Video Recording
Quick & easy shareable content
Gamer Cards leverage the power of your players.
Cut Costs
Skip advertising costs by having your fans spread the word on your behalf via their social networks.
Increase Downloads
92% of users trust recommendations from friends over all forms of advertising. Turn invites into actual download conversions.
Utilize Analytics
Our data tracks shares and downloads to identify the most effective networks.
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Do you want to be famous?
Live Action
Stream directly to Twitch from your mobile device, so you can show off your gameplay live. Anywhere, anytime.
Share Highlights
Post previously recorded videos to share with your fans.
No Hassle
No need for accessories. Just stream straight from your phone or tablet. It's that easy.
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Play together, stay together.
Public channels
Meet new friends, ask for help, show off your skills.
Group chat
Create groups and coordinate. You can even maintain your groups across all apps using Omlet!
Cross-Game Community
Tap into the network of infinite gaming. Connect with players across multiple games instantly.
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Every moment of awesome for all to see
Recording shortcut lets player capture screenshots and videos without modifying your game engine
Share anywhere
Send that awesome moment to any social network. Drive more installs!
Watch others
It's the best way to get hooked. Holy COW! I want to do what she just did.
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